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Franchise system


Franchise rights, the trademark and the system are owned by Paprika Gourmet Kereskedelmi Zrt. (registered in Hungary).

Franchise owner’s tasks:

  • Continuous development, maintenance and promotion of the system.
  • Laying the groundwork, marketing and promotional policy.
  • Organising base material supply from Hungary and providing logistics background.
  • Selling franchise rights to new countries, selecting and training franchise partners.
  • Design, maintenance and creation of interior designs.
  • Preparing and updating a franchise manual.
  • Defining and monitoring central quality assurance principles.
  • Establishing, developing and maintaining menu portfolios.

Franchise partners’ task:

  • As a private entrepreneur, using one’s own financial resources to operate a delicatessen store or a chain of stores covering a whole country.
  • Fully respecting system principles.
  • Creating the local image of Mr or Mrs Hungary.
  • Franchise partners (franchise buyers) connect to the system with long-term, 5-10-year contracts and pay a franchise fee to Paprika Gourmet Zrt.
  • Paprika Gourmet Zrt. provides detailed information about the standard franchise agreement that guarantees the same conditions to every partner; information about the different fees.


We primarily count on entrepreneurs who are familiar with and
are fond of Hungarian culture, and would like to run a successful,
stable, long-term business. We would be very glad if Hungarians
from foreign countries or second-/third-generation Hungarians
who are proud of their Hungarian origins contacted us.


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