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Paprika Gourmet’s business concept is unique and special from several aspects. Our long-term objective is to lay the foundation-stone of one of the first Hungarian-founded international store chains – Delicatessen (Gourmet) – that would appear all over the world in the years to come, but would primarily focus on Europe. This chain would be an ambassador of Hungarian agriculture and food industry, paving the way for the success of these sectors abroad.

One concept – two forms of appearance

“Paprika Gourmet” units – in terms of their function – have two forms of appearance.    

“Paprika Gourmet” delicatessen store (140-200 m2)


  • Selling Hungarian food products; fresh, chilled, frozen and cured products (800-1000 items).
  • Promoting and selling cultural products.
  • Limited food/beverage facilities and creating the conditions of consumption. A guest corner that seats 8-12 people forms part of the store.
  • Limited food/beverage facilities mean tasting and selling cold sandwiches made from Hungarian products; traditional Hungarian cooked and fried sausage, wieners, knuckle of ham, cooked spare ribs and ham are also served.
  • It goes without saying that coffee, soft drinks and mineral water are sold as well.
  • Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed when tasting sessions are held (wine and pálinka tastings).
  • Alcoholic beverages are only sold in a take-away system.
  • In the individual cities, online order-based home delivery is planned and catering services at different events are also envisaged.

“Paprika Gourmet” delicatessen store and snack bar (larger than 200 m2)


  • Stores that belong to the snack bar category require a bigger floor space:  200-250m2 at the minimum.
  • Besides the Delicatessen function, limited food/beverage facilities are also available in these units, with a different daily menu of hot meals served as an extra service. Every day 8-10 dishes are made from the base materials sold in-store.
  • In these stores, 16-24 people can be seated at the same time.
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed to be sold/consumed in these units.

Unique concept – unique and uniform design

Delicatessen stores in different countries all over the world are basically characterised by the owner’s taste and ideas.

This is the first comprehensive network that is established according to uniform principles and concept, taking into consideration national characteristics, keeping an eye on traditions, but at the same time meeting the requirements of the 21st century.

The image of the store chain, the interior design, the signs, the brand name itself and the logo all serve this purpose.

The name “PAPRIKA GOURMET” makes your store original, recognisable and different at any part of the world.
It is more than just a food store – a representative of Hungarian gastronomy – which is a huge responsibility for those who decide to participate in this system, as they are going to be the flagship of promoting Hungarian culture abroad and of shaping the image of Hungary.

The following factors guarantee the originality of the concept:

  • “Be our guest and have a good time!” – this motto perfectly expresses Paprika Gourmet’s philosophy.
  • Culture corner/room: socialising, reading.
  • Basic food/beverage facilities in every unit: classic Hungarian flavours, wine, pálinka and food tasting.
  • Organising events: cookery courses.
  • A meeting point for Hungarians.
  • Positive information about Hungary.
  • Raising interest in Hungary and providing an insight into the country and its dwellers; creating a good profile.
  • Country marketing.
  • Food product export marketing.
  • Promoting and popularising Hungarian culture.

Strategic goal

In the long run, establishing a worldwide retail and restaurant franchise network that specialises in selling Hungarian food products of premium quality, gastronomic specialties and Hungaricum products. At the same time, the chain would also be an ambassador of Hungarian culture and shape our country's image; it would serve as a meeting point for Hungarians living abroad and would advertise our agriculture and quality food production.   

The strategic basis of the undertaking

The long-term – 10-year – objective is creating a comprehensive worldwide retail and restaurant chain that consists of approximately 200 units. It would work in a franchise system, operated by individual local enterprises.

With completely identical:

  • exterior and interior design (design, signs, store interior);
  • product selection;
  • staff look and uniform;
  • purchasing, logistics, identical or similar product range;
  • functional, sales and operational principles (operation manual);
  • uniform, standard marketing policy;
  • a positive image of Hungary, its culture and gastronomy;



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