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Our national values laid on the table

Paprika Gourmet undertook the task of defending the best of our diverse national gastronomic heritage from mass production, allowing the world to discover the greatness of Hungarian artisan food culture and conveying its message to everyone who consider high quality and fine culinary experiences important, and to those who are open to the culture and traditions of other nations. With these goals in mind, Paprika Gourmet not only offers food products and devices with a culinary experience, but also engages in promoting Hungarian culture and works of art, together with introducing Hungary to the world.

Paprika Gourmet is a treasury of culinary experiences, the shop window of the quintessence of Hungarian food industry, an ambassador of hospitable Hungary, the favourite meeting point of Hungarians living abroad, a pinch of “domestic experience in the culture corner”, a harmony of modernity and traditions, it is business and at the same time philosophy as well.

Be our guest and taste the world of Paprika Gourmet!





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