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Nomen est omen – The name obliges

If Hungary should be introduced by using a single spice or culinary base material, it would definitely be paprika. It is an interesting anomaly of our gastronomy, since paprika is a plant that comes from South and Central America and we still do not know exactly how it ended up in Hungary. It is sure that 16th-century documents already mention paprika, but mostly as an ornamental plant. Later it became an influential seasoning of several dishes that are said to be of Hungarian origin, and today it is the symbol of the Carpathian Basin, of the Hungarians living here and their gastronomy.
Paprika is more than a spice in Hungary, it is present in our everyday life and is part of our holidays, it accompanies us on long travels and takes part in our adventures, it is a present for our friends and guests, it gently leads the hand of the lady of the house, it fills men up with strength and each and every string of paprika projects joy and satisfaction.

What else could the word “paprika” express for Paprika Gourmet than
the value we believe in – the guarantor of quality and experience.




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